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Unique Palacio San Telmo se encuentra ubicado en una de las zonas de moda de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Localizado en el corazón de San Telmo, se encuentra rodeado por calles peatonales y cuenta una increíble vista hacia las cúpulas del casco antiguo. Su ubicación privilegiada destaca al establecimiento por su cercanía a tiendas de antigüedades, importantes centros culturales, Galerías Pacífico Shopping y múltiples restaurantes y bares.

El hotel combina diseño y modernidad en todas sus instalaciones. Ofrece servicio de desayuno y habitaciones luminosas y amplias. Las mismas cuentan con TV LCD por cable, teléfono, aire acondicionado frío/calor individual, baño con bañera, secador de cabello y kit de baño, cofre de seguridad, minibar y acceso a Internet de alta velocidad.


Unique Palacio San Telmo
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Paul SmithPaul Smith
23:30 11 Nov 23
The best (and only good thing about this hotel) is the front desk lady Fernanda. She was super friendly and helpful during our stay.The rooms are not clean at all! Streaks on the TV screen and windows, soiled bedding and pillows (stained). I found it actually quite gross and couldn’t wait to check out.Further, the rooms/property is not well maintained. For example, I pressed the bathroom light switch off and my finger went right through the switched and the room in complete darkness. We had to call on maintenance to repair. He got the light on… permanently. He also tracked dirty foot prints all throughout the bathroom and hallway - again gross! I don’t want to have my bare feet after a shower stepping throughout the dirt marks.The main entrance remains locked at all times and you must get access to the hotel by getting buzzed in. I understand this for late hours, but this is in place at all times and I found it quite annoying.The hotel is also not peaceful; all night we were kept awake by the neighbouring rooms. I think the walls are paper thin.I made this booking online and was quoted and confirmed payment in ARS, however, they ended up charging me in USD. Due to the blue rate it meant my payment was nearly 50% more. Thankfully, Fernanda assisted us in dealing with their payment folks via WhatsApp to have it reversed and made payment in ARS - but I will still be charged CC fees.Area is San Telmo, great for some local shopping and close proximity to the San Telmo market.Subsequent to my stay I received an email for feedback. I intended on sharing with the hotel, however, just like the light in the bathroom, the link was not working.This hotel is a total fail in my opinion.
Mauro BuoncoraggioMauro Buoncoraggio
13:28 05 Nov 23
pilar herrerapilar herrera
15:28 02 Nov 23
Budget hotel well located and with the necessary amenitiesWe loved it
Elvira Maria SantosElvira Maria Santos
22:17 26 Oct 23
I don't know what the criteria are for classifying hotels in Argentina, but this one has NOTHING that justifies being presented as 4 stars.
Jonatas FariaJonatas Faria
11:01 24 Oct 23
Hotel follows the information described on the booking sites. Great value for money and incredible location.
José CortésJosé Cortés
14:18 21 Oct 23
Lea BenitezLea Benitez
17:16 19 Oct 23
The photo they publish is not like that, it is a single floor, the eighth that has that small balcony, I think they should clarify that. The rest is good, a lot of noise from the people who clean, they start early and the walls are very thin... At half past 6 the noises woke me up...
Maria Jose MaruendaMaria Jose Maruenda
01:11 17 Oct 23
Paulo R D DonarioPaulo R D Donario
21:00 16 Oct 23
Diego BertoloneDiego Bertolone
12:09 13 Oct 23
The place was under renovation, television only with cable as it is not smart, it limits connection, rooms are poorly insulated from noise from other rooms.
Ericka VélezEricka Vélez
02:34 09 Oct 23
Dangerous employees. There is no security nor do they provide information when you request transportation service. Small and obsolete rooms. I do not recommend it for your safety.
Luiz CarlosLuiz Carlos
21:36 07 Oct 23
It was great all the best
Ana MariaAna Maria
00:21 07 Oct 23
They were undergoing renovations so it was a bit noisy. Very correct officials.
Mariano SettenMariano Setten
04:13 05 Oct 23
Claudia RomeroClaudia Romero
01:55 26 Sep 23
Elena VallenariElena Vallenari
11:53 25 Sep 23
Tania AlmeidaTania Almeida
04:43 25 Sep 23
Rose Leona Z. RAIRose Leona Z. RAI
15:46 23 Sep 23
Terrible service. The rooms had a toxic smell of paint. It did not have an ironing board or iron. Too expensive for what they provide. The only good thing is the location. And the receptionist's attention is terrible. They do not provide an invoice. The phone never worked. Then they say that a tax is paid to the city for the mere fact of setting foot on Argentine soil. Appalling. They never provided adapters for the plug inputs. And every time I returned to rest the toxic smell was unbearable. I had to stay since there are no refunds or discounts.
Idus DavisIdus Davis
15:07 14 Sep 23
pedroso pedrosopedroso pedroso
02:52 09 Sep 23
David MenesesDavid Meneses
18:35 08 Sep 23
Deborah PereiraDeborah Pereira
14:32 05 Sep 23
Useless bathtub, impossible to take a shower without wetting the whole bathroom because there's only one curtain and there's not even a rug.... But we were well taken care of.And the double bed is two singles..
Miguel PintoMiguel Pinto
18:12 03 Sep 23
Carlos GonzalezCarlos Gonzalez
13:01 01 Sep 23
The building is beautiful, the views are great!
Rodrigo Ojeda AbatteRodrigo Ojeda Abatte
02:33 29 Aug 23
Sandra SarmientoSandra Sarmiento
20:49 28 Aug 23
Carlos Pimentel MendesCarlos Pimentel Mendes
15:46 27 Aug 23
It does not deserve the four stars of its rating. The hotel's breakfast service claims to accept credit and debit cards, but with SIX different cards, of different flags (Visa and Mastercard), from different banks, all duly qualified and with balance (they were normally used in commerce in Argentina and in Uruguay) were however refused at the coffee service machine, forcing the guest to pay in cash. Notified and with full evidence that the cards were in order, the management took no action, claiming only to be an outsourced service. In the room, a useless bathtub, with corrupted enamel and a shower that practically allowed you to count water drop by drop, a shower curtain falling off, a faucet leaking at the base, the toilet leaking too, nothing to hang clothes and towels without them slipping onto the floor, no mat for getting out of the shower. Still: the requested double bed was just the bad union of two single beds. The dim lighting barely made it possible to read a document. Opening the window shade required an effort to nearly break the chain. There was no table for guest use, except for the lamp. The wardrobe was reduced to a rack. And forget about any kind of welcome treat for guests that we are used to finding in hotels in Brazil, even those with two or three stars, such as a shower cap and hair dryer for women, indicating that the hotel is concerned with providing good service. There is no instruction manual (telephone numbers to call for management and other services, escape route in a fire situation, power voltage - it's 220v - etc.). Positive points: the variety and service of the breakfast (except the question of payment) and the housekeeping service in the rooms (ignoring the structural flaws). As I informed the management, I was disappointed, I will not use any unit in the Unique network again, as the confidence in the quality of the structure was ruined.
Agustina TineoAgustina Tineo
22:13 21 Aug 23
Ana KretschmarAna Kretschmar
18:56 19 Aug 23
Breakfast was not included
Paula IsenseePaula Isensee
06:57 19 Aug 23
Very good experience; price/quality ratio. Excellent attention from the staff, nice and comfortable room.
Gabriel CunhaGabriel Cunha
19:07 18 Aug 23
The only pros of this hotel are the good service, and the well decorated entrance hall, but the rooms are small and ugly, bad lighting, bathroom with several problems both in the door lock and in the shower, bad wi-fi signal, coffee in the morning without any variety, the room key card was very faulty and didn't work well
Glaucia MesquitaGlaucia Mesquita
00:43 17 Aug 23
Worst hotel I have ever stayed in my life. Do you know these photos posted of the rooms all neat? All lies... Disgusting hotel. I stayed in room 706, the mattress had mold, the shower came out with 5 drops of water (I had to take a shower in my cousins' room), rusty shower and bathtub, the door was all peeling, the wall was stained, dirty, the toilet didn't work... anyway , a horror movie. If you want advice, stay away from that dovecote, which cannot be called a hotel. Worst experience I've ever had, real rubbish.PS: and when I went to complain and ask to change rooms, amazingly, they said that everything was full, that they would see what could be done, they pretended to be insanity, and never brought up the subject again.
Tigran PetrosyanTigran Petrosyan
01:08 20 Jul 23
This is not a 4* hotel, rather 2*. The view is very beautiful from the outside, it looks modern and renovated. But things start to become funny, when you go inside of your room.The room is very small, no table, where you can put your laptop for example and work. No closet, just a few hangers and shelf for your clothes. Toilets are very small. The sink is tiny, if you are a tall person, very uncomfortable to wash your hands or brush your teeth. Water goes from hot to cold a few times when you take a shower. Water pressure is very low in the shower.The Internet is very bad and very slow, goes and comes back from time to time.The breakfast hall is very tiny, if there are many guests, no place to sit and you have to wait, until somebody finishes.The balcony door does not close properly and in July(winter in Argentina) there is some cold air, so I had to buy a hat to put on me to be able to sleep.The price for 2 is 80 USD in July and it is extremely high for this hotel. Not recommended at all.The only positive things about this hotel are the location and the staff.
Scott ProctorScott Proctor
02:38 01 Feb 23
Meal was good. Show was great. NO AIR CONDITIONING & UNBEARABLY HOT!!
Christopher GarciaChristopher Garcia
15:39 27 Dec 22
4 star hotel? Not by any stretch of the imagination. The rooms are uncomfortably small, as are the bathrooms. You can feel the springs in the bed and hit the TV every time you try to walk to the far side of the bed. The lighting? Just a bulb, not a lamp, a bare bulb, blaring light into your face to the point where you just shut it off. The "closet" doesn't hang clothes from left to right, but from front to back. Doesn't make any sense and only fits 3 or 4 items. There are a couple shelves over the mini fridge, and that's your storage. The bathroom sink is about 3 ft off the ground, very uncomfortable to use and it has no space to put any toiletries besides just a toothbrush and toothpaste. The bidet is unnecessary in such a small space. Maneuvering in the bathroom is a task since the door opens and almost reaches the sink. The water goes from hot to cold on its own several times during your shower. At night there is music blaring from a nearby club that goes on until 3am. And be careful, the door to the balcony has a notice to lock it from intruders, but it's not locked to begin with, very suspicious. The small breakfast with pastries is nice I guess and the staff is nice as well, but those are the only 2 positives of our entire stay. I only stayed here because it was booked for me, but read the reviews... The cheap price should tell you everything, go somewhere else.
roxanne thomasroxanne thomas
14:32 21 Dec 22
Lovely stay - room was spacious, had fantastic views of the city from the balcony. Highly recommended
Jaime GonzalezJaime Gonzalez
16:49 16 Nov 22
All Unique hotels in Buenos Aires are horrible. I stayed in two and wish I had never booked there. The Unique Art Madero and Unique Executive were both dirty, noisy, and their customer service was nonexistent. DO NOT STAY THERE, TRUST ME.
Marianne SzymanskiMarianne Szymanski
12:28 05 Oct 22
This is not a 4 star hotel by any stretch of the imagination- 2 star, absolute maximum.I booked it for 5 nights after a long period of very basic travelling, thinking to treat myself before flying home. Here's what I found:- the "king size" bed was two single beds pushed together, so you can't lie in the middle. The beds themselves were comfortable enough.- the walls and doors are paper thin- you can hear entire conversations had down the corridor from inside your room. Earplugs are a necessity.- the rooms are bare- no hairdryer, no plug for the bath, no shelves or storage, no fridge. There was a lockbox.- the white shower curtain was stained moldy orange/brown at the bottom, and the large pattern on it was made of actual holes so water just went straight through it. I had to awkwardly sit in the bath to shower myself to prevent water going all over the floor.- you have to leave the shower running for 10 minutes before you get any hot water.- I had a bath one night (I had to improvise a plug), and when I let the water out, to my horror it came straight up through the drain in the floor of the bathroom and completely flooded it, along with all the dirt from the drain. When I reported this to the nice man on the night shift, he was not surprised and informed me that you have to let the water out very slowly. There were no signs saying this.- breakfast is not automatically included, and it is expensive: 1200pesos/day. Any of the cafes around do nicer breakfasts for cheaper (I recommend Nica Distrito Bolivar 347 - excellent French toast and a coffee for 1100pesos)- everything is chipped or stained or torn or cracked. It feels quite old and a bit battered. It was mostly quite clean, except for the shower curtain.In conclusion: if I had stayed here having paid a lot less and knowing that it was maybe a 1-2 star hotel, I'd be giving a 3-4 star review. I have low standards for accommodation and I usually travel cheap: the bed was comfortable and that was mostly what I needed it for, even if the bathroom was a disaster. HOWEVER, having booked this hotel for quite a lot of money believing it was 4 stars, I was very disappointed and felt completely cheated, hence the one star review.To add insult to injury, I had also spent one night at 'Two Hotel' down the road, which is classed as a three star hotel. The service, rooms, cleanliness and amenities were really excellent and much more like what I would have expected of a 4 star hotel, which made it all the more frustrating when I moved from there to Unique Palacio San Telmo.
Paulo VitorPaulo Vitor
19:08 20 Aug 22
I was sent to this hotel because the other hotel didn't have rooms, now in this one they don't have beds for was.
Anthony AugustAnthony August
16:31 06 Jun 22
My first time in Santa Rosa this was a great Hotel very friendly staff the free breakfast is amazing. Some staff speak English
Aurena Agathe FohlerAurena Agathe Fohler
20:00 26 Mar 22
Good locationU can hear everything through the walls and from the walking path .Nice lobby but room are less cousyNo fridge
Nick KomissarenkoNick Komissarenko
23:13 24 Mar 22
Don’t ever come here - trash place with 2,5kB internet no shampoo just chair bed and table. Absolutely nothing to look at. Bum home. At booking look good due to photoshop as all in Bueno Aires hotel, but BA so beautifully

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Hotels & ToursEl hotel combina diseño y modernidad en todas sus instalaciones. Ofrece servicio de desayuno y habitaciones luminosas y amplias. Las mismas cuentan con TV LCD por cable, teléfono, aire acondicionado frío/calor individual, baño con bañera, secador de cabello y kit de baño, cofre de seguridad, minibar y acceso a Internet de alta velocidad.

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